Actor Ki Do Hoon recently opened up about the ongoing friendship between the cast of “The King Loves” and didn’t hold back on his praise for Girls’ Generation’s YoonA in an interview with news outlet TV Report.

The actor made his drama debut through the 2017 MBC drama “The King Loves,” where he caught people’s attention as one of Im Si Wan’s royal bodyguards.

Ki Do Hoon shared that the “The King Loves” team were and still are very close. He attributed it to them training together before filming started, and spending seven months in Yongin to work on the drama. He said, “Im Si Wan, Hong Jong Hyun, and the others really showered me with a lot of affection. They told me that it’s rare to have so many young actors in one drama like we did. It was such a happy memory for me.”

He especially had nothing but praise for Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, who played the leading lady in the drama. Ki Do Hoon said, “YoonA is someone who was truly born to be a celebrity. If I were to describe her, I would say that the word that suits her best is ‘angel.’ She’s meticulous, kind, and considerate, there’s so much I can learn from her. If anyone challenged me to live like her, I’d probably fail.”

Ki Do Hoon wrapped up his latest drama “Should We Kiss First” in April. Still relatively new to the world of acting, Ki Do Hoon shared that he hopes to be a part of more projects in the future and continue to learn from the actors he works with. He said, “Once I’ve found my footing as an actor, I hope I’m able to work on a drama that has a message that resonates with all generations.”

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