Actor Ki Tae Young is releasing a single album as a singer. SP&J Entertainment revealed on 16th, “Today midnight, Ki Tae Young is releasing his digital single ‘Happy Person’ via online music site.” According to SP&J, Ki Tae Young himself was involved in planning, writing lyrics, and other work related to album while preparing this digital single.

“Happy Person” is a medium-tempo ballad, in which a harmony of acoustic band sound and string instruments stands out. SP&J introduced the song as “a song that blends Ki Tae Young’s vocal, which varies in its range, with warm piano melody well.”

Ki Tae Young personally participated in writing the lyrics of “Happy Person” and expressed an emotion of a person who fell in love.

One of SP&J’s related parties said, “Ki Tae Young put in much effort to this song to make the transition from being an actor to being a singer perfect. ‘Happy Person’ is a kind of propose song, in which a person proposes his/her happiest moment. I hope this warm emotion can be conveyed to everyone who listens to it.”