On September 2, Kim Bin Woo posted a picture of herself and her fiancé on SNS along with a comment saying, “Our favorite picture. I treasure each and every moment of our days loving each other.”

The photo of them walking together hand-in-hand is reminiscent of a scene right out of a movie. The black and white photo captures the romance between the two.

Kim Bin Woo is dressed in a wedding dress showing off her glamorous figure. The groom, a businessman, looks very handsome in a well-fitted suit.

Her snapshot appears to been have taken during a photo shoot for Elle Bride. These photos also depict their beautiful romance.

Kim Bin Woo Elle Bride

Kim Bin Woo Elle Bride 2

Kim Bin Woo Elle Bride 3

The couple’s private wedding ceremony will be held on October 11 at Shilla Seoul Hotel.

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