Not long ago, he was a cute boy that charmed the hearts of noonas and moms worldwide. But now, he has come back as an actor with godly presence. 

With his large eyes and slow but confident talk, Kim Bum exudes his own special kind of charm. When looking at Bum momentarily lost in thought, you can see the slight hint of innocence in his eyes.

He is no longer the flower boy everyone remembers him to be. Along with a matured look, he has become an actor that sticks to his new philosophy of “becoming an actor who’s not afraid of challenge or change,” when selecting his next projects. With looks that match his acting talent, Kim Bum is the kind of actor that’s hard to find these days.

Although there are actors that only change in image but don’t show any change in acting, Kim Bum is a different case. His image changed significantly after losing 11kg, and his acting improved accordingly. Undoubtedly, Kim Bum is an actor with both the looks and acting talent.

The actor’s significant acting improvements can be seen through his new drama, JTBC’s “Padam Padam…The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats.”

Kim Bum, on Gaspard Ulliel

Gaspard Ulliel is a French actor who’s fairly unknown to Korea. However, if referred to as the actor that played the main character in the movie “Hannibal Rising,” some may be able to recognize him. Gaspard Ulliel has been recently gaining attention in Korea for being very similar to Kim Bum.

One striking similarity between the two actors is their looks. With their v-shaped chins, pointed noses, thin lips, and above all, their pretty faces that with an innocent look, make each look very alike the other.

“Even to me, we look very similar. My mom was the one who first told me about it, and even she thinks we do, so I think we look alike. (Laughs) I’ve gotten more interested in the actor due to this.”

Secondly, both have played roles as angels. Kim Bum played an angel in “Padam Padam,” while Ulliel played one in his movie, “The Vintner’s Luck.”

“I really wanted to see ‘The Vintner’s Luck,’ but I couldn’t find it in Korea. Wherever I went, they said they didn’t show it, so I could only look at the still shots from the movie, and I thought it was very unique. It felt like I was looking at myself, just dressed a little differently… His angel had a different feel from Padam Padam’s Gooksu, but the concept was very similar.”

Lastly, both have been gradually improving as actors, advancing forward in their industry.

“He’s one of my favorite actors. Whether it’s romance, or playing an assassin like in “Hannibal Rising,” I think he’s a really good actor. I first found out about him because we looked alike, but I’m getting more interested in him as an actor.”

Kim Bum, on being an actor

Kim Bum recently showed off his excellent acting skills though his drama, “Padam Padam.” After seeing him in the drama, you will no longer think of his character in “Boys Over Flowers.”

Playing the role of Kang Chil’s (Jung Woo Sung) guardian angel, Kim Bum’s striking gaze and matured acting skills are unbelievable to be that of a 23-year-old.

“After a long break from acting, I’m very glad to be working with the Padam Padam team, with a great director and writer, and actors that work very hard on their parts. At our first meeting, I was shocked at how everyone was very open and expressed their ideas well. I couldn’t help but do my very best in that kind of environment. I would constantly look over my script, try to get into my character and express his feelings just right.”

Fellow co-star Jung Woo Sung played an important role in the improvement of Kim Bum’s acting skills. Jung Woo Sung was able to solve any problems he encountered with acting. Kim Bum revealed that he wants to learn from his sunbae’s serious approach and efforts towards acting, and the affectionate way Jung treats his hoobaes, or juniors.

“Whenever I’m worrying about a scene, Woo Sung hyung seems to find out immediately, and comes over to give me some of his advice. Instead of looking at the script for several hours at home, listening to his words of advice for 5 or 10 minutes is much more helpful to me. He often shows me any physical gestures or facial expressions I could use. Above all, I think the way he treats the staff and his juniors in a kind and friendly manner is most impressive. Whenever I see Woo Sung hyung, I think, “I want to be a sunbae like him.”

Kim Bum is well on his way to become a great actor. Although it’s important to keep a good image, he plans to always keep one thing in mind.

“This is my philosophy: ‘Becoming an actor who’s not afraid of challenge and change.’ I’ve kept this idea in the past, I’m keeping it now, and will always keep it in the future.”