Kim Bum showed his loyalty once more by making a cameo appearance on the hit sitcom series “High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short-Legged” (High Kick 3).

According to a representative, Kim Bum participated in the filming of “High Kick 3” on March 2 and 3.  Kim Bum will be creating a fun episode with Ahn Soojung (Krystal). Through this cameo appearance, Kim Bum reconfirmed his close friendship with the show’s producer Kim Byungwook


Kim Bum is one of the original stars produced from the “High Kick” series. Back in 2006, Kim Bum acted alongside actor Jung Il Woo in the series’ first season, “Unstoppable High Kick,” and garnered much interest as a rookie for his charm and good looks.  Afterwards, Kim Bum showed his loyalty and accepted Producer Kim’s cameo request without a hesitation for “High Kick Through the Roof.” Recently, after several schedule adjustments, Kim Bum was able to make another cameo appearance after filming for JTBC’s hit drama “Padam Padam.”

A representative stated, “Even though he has been busy traveling to places like Thailand and Japan for fan meetings and CF shootings, Kim Bum willingly accepted the cameo request.”

Kim Bum’s episode is scheduled to air on March 8.