Kim Bum is showing a growth as an actor that is almost scary. Currently he is appearing on JTBC’s Mon-Tue drama “Padam Padam” where he appears as the guardian angel “Gook Soo” for “Yang Kang Chil.” (Portrayed by Jung Woo Sung)

For the episode that he appeared on January 30 (Episode 17), “Gook Soo” tries to kill “Chan Gul” who framed “Yang Gang Chil” and made his life horrible. Kim Bum tries to stab “Chan Gul” with a knife but he fades right through him like an illusion and begins to cry. Here Kim Bum portrays the anguish at the fact that he cannot protect his charge as a guardian angel.

Currently, Kim Bum was offered and is in final negotiations to play one of the leads in the upcoming fantasy thriller film “The Miracle.” If Kim Bum decides to join the movie he will play a young graffiti artist who commits crime that a detective can predict.