On February 13, TheCNT Entertainment released an official statement to announce that Kim Byung Ok has decided to step down from JTBC’s drama “Legal High.”

Kim Byung Ok was previously indicted for driving under the influence. A resident who lives in the same apartment as the actor called the police to report someone driving abnormally in the parking lot, who later turned out to be Kim Byung Ok. At the time, the actor had a blood alcohol content of 0.085 percent, which is enough to get his driver’s license suspended.

The following is the official statement from TheCNT:

This is TheCNT.

Our agency’s actor Kim Byung Ok strongly feels responsible for the unfortunate incident that happened recently, and in order to have some time to reflect, he has requested to step down from JTBC’s drama “Legal High.”

We give our sincerest apology to actors, staff members, and representatives of the production company who spent the last few months preparing and producing the drama, as well as to the viewers who have been watching the drama.

In regards to the recent incident, Kim Byung Ok also stated, “As an actor who participated in the drama, I take full responsibility for my actions. By stepping down from the drama, I sincerely hope that there won’t be further damage to ‘Legal High.’” He concluded, “Once again, I bow my head in genuine apology.”

The production team of “Legal High” confirmed, “After having a thorough conversation with the actor regarding his drunk driving incident, we have decided that he will step down from the drama.”

They continued, “However, taking the importance of the actor’s character in the drama into consideration, we are looking for ways for him to step down at the appropriate time so that it will not disrupt the flow of the plot.”

According to the production team, the actor will most likely step down after episode 8, for which they have already completed filming.

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