ZE:A member Kim Dong Jun recently participated in an interview with a Korean media outlet where he talked about his current and future musical pursuits.

After recently starring on the OCN drama “Black” alongside famous actors Song Seung Heon, Go Ara, and Lee El; Kim Dong Jun is now looking to make a comeback to the music industry.

The ZE:A member revealed that he has not stopped working on music and said that he is currently working on his first solo album with the goal of releasing it sometime in the beginning of 2018. He is also continuing to write songs with his composing team “Chungdam Super” which was formed in 2015.

Kim Dong Jun said, “The Vibe members give me lots of advice on my album. I worked on it whenever I could, but it hasn’t been long since I officially began working on it. I want to release it when it’s properly ready. The composing team consists of me and a composer that I know.”

He stated with a laugh, “I sent a song to Wanna One and I hope it will have a good outcome,” and added he wants to become “all-around entertainer like Cho Seung Woo and Im Chang Jung.”

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