Kim Dong Wan revealed his peculiar way of dealing with “Sasaeng Fans.” (Sasaeng Fans are extreme fans that invade the privacy of celebrities and verge on being stalkers.) Kim Dong Wan appeared alongside other members of Shinhwa for MBC “Radio Star” that broadcast on March 21.

Kim Dong Wan was asked, “I heard that you sprayed hot water on fans before is that true?” Kim Dong Wan replied, “It was not hot water, it was cold water.”

He continued, “In the summer, I used a hose and sprayed water on fans. I thought the fans were flowers. When I sprayed water on fans they would say ‘I didn’t come to see you.’ That made me a big angry. I would say that ‘Shinhwa does not take care of your lives’ and those fans would leave. I think I was crazy at the time.”

Another member Jun Jin spoke about the hardships due to “Sasaeng Fans.” Jun Jin stated, “We had to move dormitories within a year when our contract was 2 years because of complaints. Fans use to use our bathrooms and also took our laundry. There was nothing we could do.”