Actress Kim Ga Eun recently held an interview after the conclusion of “Because This Is My First Life” and talked about her character Yang Ho Rang and working with co-star Kim Min Suk.

The drama, which recently aired its final episode, featured three very memorable couples. While main couple Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min decided to get married, and Park Byung Eun and Esom ended up dating, it was Kim Min Suk and Kim Ga Eun that portrayed the accurate realities of dating.

The couple in the drama fought over marriage quite a bit in the drama. Kim Ga Eun’s character Yang Ho Rang practically raised Kim Min Suk’s character Shim Won Seok since their first year in university, when they began dating. Kim Ga Eun explained that although she understood that when people date for a long time, they naturally talk about and decide to get married, she couldn’t fully empathize with her character’s do-or-die approach to marriage. She expressed, “I tried to portray her as someone who worked hard to make Won Seok into the perfect boyfriend and had the dream of marrying him. I think that’s why a lot of long-term couples could relate to us. The character may have come off as annoying, but I wanted to show her lovable side.”

On her co-star Kim Min Suk and their adorable chemistry, Kim Ga Eun commented, “Since they’re a couple that lives together, we thought we would be awkward, so we met together [beforehand] and worked on the scenes together. He has a great personality, so we got quite close. We’re also the same age, so we were able to shoot without pressure. We also talked a lot and worked naturally together. It really feels like we’ve been dating for the last seven years.”

She also mentioned, “In the drama, Won Seok asks if they can hold off on the marriage for five years. I thought it was a bit regretful. Even Kim Min Suk thought it was too much, which really just proved how much Won Seok and Ho Rang lacked communication despite the fact that they’d been dating for so long. In the ending scene, Won Seok is holding their child and has married Ho Rang. Even if their marriage were a lovey-dovey one, I wonder if they wouldn’t have also found it frustrating.”

The actress was also asked if she wanted a second season for the drama. She answered, “I’ve been acting for eight years, and for this drama, I took on the character without being greedy about acting. I’m thankful that many people liked it. I’ve always played characters younger than me but this time I played one that was my age, which allowed me to empathize more as she had a similar personality to mine as well. I feel as though I’ve met a character that will always stay with me. I’ve gone through my 20s working hard, and although I hit slumps as an actress, I feel as though I’ve wrapped up my 20s well with this drama. I’ll remember it always, and it’s all thanks to the viewers. I hope that the viewers want a second season so that I’ll be able to do it.”

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