Kim Go Eun showed her support for Han Ji Min on the set of the latter’s drama with a support truck!

On September 15, Han Ji Min shared several photos of the truck, along with images of herself posing with the food on her Instagram. The banners on the truck read, “Good luck until the end! From a huge fan of ‘Familiar Wife.’”

In the caption, Han Ji Min wrote, “Huge fan! The best monitoring agent! Starting from the early morning, I’m touched, and we’re fighting on with a lot of strength~ Thank you. Seriously. Really. Honestly.” She also included the hashtags, “Kim Go Eun,” and “I love you.”

In one photo, Han Ji Min stands in front of the coffee truck proudly, while in another, she holds a drink and sandwich in her hands. The actress also uploaded a clip of herself eating the sandwich and taking sips of her drink, thoroughly enjoying her meal.

Han Ji Min currently stars in tvN’s “Familiar Wife” and recently promoted her film “Miss Baek,” which premieres on October 11.

Check out the latest episode of “Familiar Wife” on Viki below!

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