Actress Kim Go Eun recently sat down for an interview with Sports Donga to talk about her upcoming film “Sunset in my Hometown.”

The film is the actress’s first return to the big screen since the great success of her drama “Goblin” in 2017. In the movie, Kim Go Eun plays the role of Sun Mi who has a central role in Hak Soo (Park Jung Min) deciding to return to his hometown of Byeonsan.

“I had a lot of concerns about my next work after the drama ‘Goblin’,” Kim Go Eun revealed. “I learned through experience that there’s inevitably an extreme amount of pressure and burden when you take a role where you’re on your own. I wanted to try a role that I could enjoy playing while communicating back and forth.”

Kim Go Eun went on to explain the reason why she chose “Sunset in my Hometown” as her comeback. She said, “I wished for a work that would heal me. I was offered a role in ‘Sunset in my Hometown’ at an appropriate time.” She added honestly, “I wanted to participate not in a work where I could pursue my ambitions but rather in a work that’s joyful and the roles could be distributed.”

Lee Joon Yik, the director of the film, and actor Park Jung Min also influenced Kim Go Eun’s decision to take the job. “I was excited to receive the scenario after hearing that director Lee Joon Yik was in charge,” she shared. “And they said Park Jung Min would be playing the lead. It’s not easy to come across an opportunity to act alongside Park Jung Min and the scenario fit well with my situation. I felt that I had to do it.”

Kim Go Eun also talked about how she and Park Jung Min both graduated from Korea National University of Arts. She explained, “He’s a senior that I know well but I had never seen him at work. I realized why Park Jung Min is a great actor when I saw him on the set of ‘Sunset in my Hometown.’ His responsibility and attitude toward the work were very impressive. He finally nailed it with the dedication that seemed almost too intense. I now have even more respect for him.”

“Sunset in my Hometown” is a comedy that tells the story of Hak Soo who returns to his hometown where all his embarrassing memories are hidden after getting tricked by his crush Sun Mi. The film will be released on July 4.

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