Actor and comedian Kim Goo Ra gave comments about SM Entertainment artists on the February 29 episode of MBC‘s “Radio Star.” 2PM‘s Chansung was a guest and was asked, “If you were given the opportunity to audition for a different company, which company would you choose?” To this, Chansung answered that he would like to try and audition for SM Entertainment.

Entertainment reported Jo Young Goo revealed his admiration of Super Junior‘s Kyu Hyun‘s interview skills. “Kyu Hyun answered questions seriously, something he also does well on TV programs.” Kim Goo Ra, hearing praise for SM Entertainment artists such as Kyu Hyun, Lee Teuk, and Shindong, responded by saying, “Super Junior is good at giving interviews, that’s why you think that way. Before Super Junior, SM artists weren’t good at giving interviews.” However, he did later choose SM artists as the best at giving interviews.

On the subject of interviews, I feel like I’ve heard the whole “SM artists were/are bad at interviews” thing before. Am I wrong? How do you guys rate SM artist interviews?