Though Kyuhyun and Minho both have flawless visuals, Kim Gu Ra managed to get on Kyuhyun’s nerves by comparing the two.

On the episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” aired on June 17, actors Jung Bo Suk, Le Hyung Chul, and Jang Won Young, and comedian Shim Hyun Seop appear as guests for the “Valuable Old Bachelors” special.

MC Kyuhyun, who couldn’t make it to last week’s filming because of schedule issues, asks, “How’d it go without me?” SHINee’s Minho took his place instead.

In response, Kim Gu Ra says, “It was hilarious. No offense but Minho’s gorgeous. His face is half your size.”

Upset at the comment, Kyuhyun says, “I’m still around average.” However, Kim Gu Ra doesn’t back down, saying, “Who’s below you?” The rest of the members laugh at the two’s childish yet friendly bickering.

Kyuhyun radio star 2

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