Actress Kim Ha Neul revealed a picture of herself eating food on a bus, and the Korean media is calling this picture, “Bus Food as Good as Airline Service.”

Through her Facebook on August 14th, Kim Ha Neul wrote, “We go through the rain, bus food that is as good as airline service.”

Kim Ha Neul is shown on a bus for the film “Blind,” and she is eating a lunch box. Kim Ha Neul made different expressions showing off her beautiful and bright charms.

Netizens have commented, “It is always good to see your bright personality,” “the bus food looks delicious,” “you are so beautiful.”

The film “Blind” is a thriller about a blind woman who had graduated from a police academy. The blind woman (portrayed by Kim Ha Neul) is a witness to a murder, and the film also stars Yoo Seung Ho who is another witness to the murder.