Actress Kim Ha Neul has been confirmed for an upcoming film titled “Female Teacher.”

Film production company Filmmaker R&K announced on June 4, “Kim Ha Neul will star in ‘Female Teacher,’ a movie about an incident that happens between two female teachers and a student at an all-boys high school. It will be directed by director Kim Tae Yong, who is known for directing ‘Set Me Free.’”

Kim Ha Neul’s character, Hyo Joo, will be a teacher at an all-boys high school. She will eventually become part of an incident involving a new female teacher and a student at the school.

Kim Ha Neul told the press through her agency that “she was strongly attracted to the story,” and that “she found the complex character of Hyo Joo, a woman disliked by many, very captivating, as she is very different from most of her previous characters.”

Director Kim Tae Yong, only 28-years old, caught the attention of the film industry when his 2010 short film “Frozen Land” was invited to the 63rd Cannes Film Festival. His feature length debut “Set Me Free,” starring Choi Woo Sik, was also met with favorable reviews last year.

“Female Teacher” will go into productions as soon as the remainder of its cast is confirmed. Release date has yet to be announced.

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