Actress Kim Ha Neul has decided to guest on SBS variety show “Healing Camp.”

She has recently went to Mocho, Gyeonggido to film for “Healing Camp.” It’s been a while that she’s been on air since her latest drama, “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” has ended. An official has commented, “The filming atmosphere was very comfortable and casual like going on a camping trip.”

There’s good reasons that people are impatiently waiting for Kim Ha Neul’s guest appearance on a variety show. She previously took part in the variety show “1 Night and 2 Days,” and have displayed that she has great potential as a variety show star. Even though she appeared with other actresses during the “actress special” segment, she was able to grab the attention of the viewers.

She also has experience with talk shows. Kim Ha Neul guested in “Yashim Man Man” and “Hey Hey Hey” and revealed her wittiness and cleverness.

Through her appearance in “Healing Camp,” Kim Ha Neul is able to share about the behind the scenes from “A Gentleman’s Dignity” and other recent topics she yet had time to explain. Baek Seung Il, “Healing Camp” PD said, “We were able to smoothly film in harmony. We were also able to discover Kim Ha Neul’s new variety skills.”

Her segment will be broadcasted on September 10.