Actress Kim Ha Neul’s stills from her first filming of the upcoming drama, “A Gentleman’s Dignity” have been released. 

“A Gentleman’s Dignity” will first air on May 26 and has an A-list cast of Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ha Neul, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Min Jong and Lee Jong Hyuk, which is already increasing anticipation. People are expecting “A Gentleman’s Dignity” to be one of the best dramas this year due to the highly talented cast.

Kim Ha Neul will take on the role of a high school ethics teacher, who is bright and cheerful but firm and straightforward. This will be her comeback to the small screen after a two year hiatus. On April 8, Kim Ha Neul started her first filming session at a high school. She was seen with her long hair tied back and her white, porcelain skin.

At first, she seemed a bit nervous but at the sound of the cue, she immediately got into gear and was able to naturally focus on her acting. News agencies report that those around her, praised her for being a “veteran actress.” Everything from her facial expressions to her unique way of speaking fit in perfectly with her role. Her feminine charms along with her acting charisma gave a great balance during her first filming session.

Kim Ha Neul’s fashion also drew many eyes. Her cleancut white shirt and her striped knit sweater gave her a perfect teacher look. Though she wore simple outfits, her “goddess-like aura” apparently took the staff’s breath away.

“A Gentleman’s Dignity” is about love, separation, success and failure of a group of men in their forties. The drama is expected to have a completely new twist to the romantic comedy genre and is being highly anticipated.