Actress Kim Hee Sun is about to make her movie comeback after 12 years.

According to a movie industry insider, Kim Hee Sun was recently approached to star in the movie “Everyday With You” (working title).  It is a debut project for Director Kim Jang Hee who has had ample experience in producing the movies “Lump of Sugar” and “Champ.” “Everyday With You” is about a wife who prepares special events everyday and her husband who helps her quietly by her side.

If she accepts the offer, this will be Kim Hee Sun’s comeback to the big screen in 12 years since she starred in “A Man Who Went To Mars” alongside Shin Ha Kyun.

Since the completion of her work in the MBC drama “Angry Mom,” Kim Hee Sun has been approached with numerous scripts for movies and dramas. She is said to be considering “Everyday With You” favorably.

The “Everyday With You” team will wrap up casting for its male lead and other roles soon and aims to open in theaters next year.

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