Actress Kim Hee Sun picked “Secret Garden” and “The Moon That Embraces the Sun” as works she wanted to take part of.

On August 29, on SBS morning program “Good Morning,” Kim Hee Sun made a guest appearance, and talked about her role in new Monday-Tuesday drama “Faith.” She talked about her feelings about making a comeback after six long years and which dramas she wanted to take part of.

Kim Hee Sun confessed that she was fueled to come back to her job while watching popular dramas “Secret Garden” and “The Moon That Embraces the Sun.” Kim wanted to take a role those dramas, but the chance never came. She read through many scenarios and waited a long while for the right drama.

“I thought filming for the first time in six years would be awkward. But I guess since it was something I was used to doing before I adapted very quickly.”

Kim also boasted on working well with actor Lee Min Ho. “I have only met up with Min Ho so far, but he follows along very well and is considerate so filming has been smooth sailing.”