Kim Hee Sun, a beautiful actress as well as a lovely mom in her thirties, showed off her ageless, radiant beauty in the recent Cosmopolitan photospread.

She also shared her thoughts about her life in her thirties during the interview: “When I was in my twenties, I was always so busy rushing through life. However, I love being in my thirties because I have more time to relax and keep a peaceful mind. Also, I like the way things are now since there are more things that I can decide and do the way I want.”

When asked whether she found herself beautiful, the lovely actress responded, “I feel like I hear that I’m pretty because it’s rare to come across a completely natural face. There are many parts of my face that aren’t perfect. One of my double eyelids is bigger than the other and the tip of my nose goes down. However, I’m too scared to go to the hospital.”

She also brightened up the atmosphere at the interview set with a witty reply, “My husband also teases me, ‘After coming across only similar looking faces outside, when I come home and see you, you look quite beautiful.’” Meanwhile, the photospread featuring Kim Hee Sun’s captivating beauty will be available in Cosmopolitan’s upcoming August issue.