Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul lamented that he would really like to date.

During a recent filming for Olive TV‘s “MAPS” he also revealed that his heart flutters for non-celebrity women more than celebrities.

Kim Heechul and Simon D. travel to Jeju Island for a trip. Driving slowly, Kim Heechul is finally able to enjoy the beautiful views of the island and he comments, “When I get a girlfriend, I should definitely come here again.”

At this, Simon D. jokes, “Who would date you?” but Kim Heechul continues on, “I would really like a girlfriend. Not just having a close female friend but I’d really like to experience the thing called ‘love.’”

In an individual interview afterwards, he says, “I am still an idol and I have a lot of young female fans, so it’s not easy for me to say that I would like a girlfriend on broadcast, but I’m not the age to be thinking about things like that. Even the fans say that they want me to find a good girlfriend.” He then confesses, “There are also female celebrities like Son Dam Bi or Taeyeon, but I don’t really feel nervous around female celebrities. I get nervous around non-celebrity women who I see just walking down the street.”

Meanwhile, “MAPS” is a program that asks celebrities to drive slower than 40 km/h through an area, allowing them to enjoy the scenery that they haven’t been able to appreciate in their busy lives.

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