Actress Kim Hye Soo, known for roles in K-Dramas such as Hyena, attended the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards. She also revealed what she carries to award shows.

kim hye soo
Kim Hye Soo | @hs_kim_95/Instagram

Award shows can be very long and tiring for those in attendance and food is not always easily assessable. While sitting through hours, one easily gets hungry too! Kim Hye Soo shared how she copes by sneaking in some snacks. She posted a picture on Instagram, showing the insides of her small clutch handbag.

plum candy
| @hs_kim_95/Instagram

Not much can fit in such a small purse, so it’s difficult to pick and choose what items are a necessity to carry. Kim Hye Soo had her priorities in order though as she filled it with Haitai plum candies. We can’t blame her at all!

haitai plum candy
| Cokoyam & Haitai