Kim Hye Soo’s beauty is certainly timeless! The ever-so-beautiful Kim Hye Soo went back in time to become a beautiful 80s starlet. She appeared in the fashion magazine “Grazia.” It is interesting that she was asked to appear in a photoshoot with an 80s concept because she actually debuted in 1986.

Kim Hye Soo fits right into the 80s look with her makeup, hair, and clothing. For the magazine she was also asked about her personal likes and styles when picking clothes. She stated, “When I pick clothes, more than trends I think that your belief is the most important. Instead of trying to put some kind of equation or philosophy behind fashion, I think it is most important to choose clothes that look natural on you. Usually I like clothes that have a feminine flair and make you slightly nervous.”

The issue of “Grazia” where Kim Hye Soo makes an appearance began selling on February 20.