One of Korea’s top actresses, Kim Hye Soo has recently taken part of an alluring “baroque” theme photo shoot.

This recent photo shoot was a collaboration between the luxury brand BVLGARI and “W Korea” magazine. Kim Hye Soo didn’t fail to transform into a charismatic and sexy goddess.

Kim Hye Soo did a great job in bringing the concept of this photo shoot, “fatal fantasy,” to life with her strong and glamorous style. Kim Hye Soo modeled beautiful BVLGARI jewelry pieces, which shine throughout the pictorial. Just like the top actress she is, Kim Hye Soo showed professionalism and experience through her poses and detailed facial expressions, receiving much praise from the photo shoot staff.

About 50 pieces of jewelry were prepared for this shoot, which was worth over 13 billion won (13 million USD).

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Soo’s latest film “The Thieves” is enjoying great success.