Kim Hye Yoon recently sat down for an interview to talk about her recent drama “SKY Castle.”

In the drama, Kim Hye Yoon plays Kang Ye Seo, the eldest daughter to Han Seo Jin (Yum Jung Ah) and Kang Joon Sang (Jung Joon Ho). She’s an ambitious girl whose goal in life is to get accepted into Seoul National University’s medical school.

During the interview, Kim Hye Yoon was asked about how she prepared for the final episode of the drama. She responded, “It seems like just yesterday that we started, but it’s already over. It’s bittersweet. I’m curious to see how the last episode came out. If I were to portray the final episode in a single word, it’d be “tears.” As it was the finale, all the events and stories were concluded, and I just felt regretful. Because the end was near, it felt both sad and bittersweet.”

The actress then talked about being cast in “SKY Castle.” She commented, “They told me to prepare for both the roles of Hye Na and Ye Seo. When I received the character introductions during the audition, I thought that Hye Na’s tough spirit would suit me better. I auditioned with this mind set, but the director chose me as Ye Seo. But Ye Seo was also pretty charming. I wonder which part of me the director saw as Ye Seo.”

Kim Hye Yoon was later asked about the most emotional scenes of the drama. She commented, “The scene where Ye Seo packs up her things from her locker was really difficult. In my personal opinion, packing up her things from her locker was like putting the past events in her bag. It must have been difficult to have no friends to talk about her problems with, and not being able to trust Kim Joo Young anymore. Along with that, she decided to drop out but she had no friends. I wondered if Ye Seo had a happy life, so it was difficult even while I acted. Even when she puts the post-it note on [Woo Joo’s locker], I felt the loneliness from the stark contrast of him having so many friends. The scene where [Ye Seo] spreads out her award certificates with her mom made me cry a lot. It wasn’t my awards, but I cried even during rehearsals as I thought about the awards that Ye Seo had received starting from when she was just four years old. Yum Jung Ah cried as well.”

She then compared herself to Ye Seo, saying, “I don’t think we’re extremely alike, but there are some similarities. It’s the fact that we’re both active. We’re not the passive types, and we both actively seek things out. I’m like Ye Seo in that I like to plan things out. I usually concretely record my plans, but I also plan things where I move about thoroughly by the hour. Ye Seo and I are alike by 30 percent.”

Kim Hye Yoon finally concluded the interview by calling “SKY Castle” one of the turning points of her life, and a memory that she could never forget.

“SKY Castle” aired its final episode on February 1 and will soon be available on Viki!

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