In Kim So Hyun’s latest drama “Radio Romance,” she partnered up with Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon to film her first romance production since she turned 20 years old in Korean reckoning. In the drama, the two of them portrayed young love, and viewers were especially drawn to the actors’ kiss scenes that were both charming and refreshing.

When pointed out that she must have dated in order to express such heart-thumping excitement, Kim So Hyun confessed, “I’ve never dated anyone before.” She further explained, “When I say this, no one believes me. But I really never had a boyfriend before. Honestly, I’m now at the point where I want to say that I had one. Even the camera director half jokingly and half seriously said, ‘I don’t feel [the dating emotions].’ At that time, I wondered if I needed to date.”

Kim So Hyun shared, “It is a bit difficult for me to portray heart fluttering yet strange emotions. One day in the future, I want to experience a nice and fresh dating life. Do I dream of being a CC [campus couple]? Never. I don’t want my first dating experience to have an ugly past.”

If you haven’t watched “Radio Romance” yet, you can watch it below!

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