Kim Hyun Joong has transformed into a sexy marine boy.

Kim Hyun Joong revealed a couple of cuts from a recent “High Cut” photo shoot, which will be released on August 1. The photos show Kim Hyun Joong dripping wet with a white shirt clinging onto his muscular body, shaking the hearts of fans everywhere.

It is reported that Kim Hyun Joong displayed his diving skills that he attained from the SBS variety show, “Barefoot Friends” during the photo shoot.

In the interview that follows, Kim Hyun Joong talked about his track “Gentleman” from his recent mini-album, “Round 3.” He said, “I worked on that track since last year and I wanted to make it my title track. But when PSY came out first with ‘Gentleman,’ I changed the title of my track to ‘Superman’ but it didn’t sound as good,” and “In the end, it became a non-title track and the title track that was created afterwards was ‘Your Story.’”

About the diving mission that he went through in “Barefoot Friends,” Kim Hyun Joong commented, “I had to jump from a height that’s around four or five stories high. It wasn’t easy to overcome my fears and I was scared every time I jumped. I only jumped because the cameras were rolling,” and “If you’re a celebrity, whether it’s 10 meters or 20 meters, you can always jump if the cameras are rolling.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s photo shoot and interview can be found in the 107th issue of “High Cut.”

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