Kim Hyun Joong is now visiting Taiwan for events of cosmetic brand “The Face Shop” and the promotional activities for his first solo album “Break Down”. At the press conference held on August 15th, because it is now the “Ghost month” in Taiwanese tradition, he was asked about whether he still sees ghosts nowadays.

It is no news that Kim Hyun Joong has mentioned several times before that he has seen ghosts at home, in the dormitory or even at the filming set, and he has got so used to it that he sometimes even talks to ghosts. He once asked two ghosts to be quiet when he was trying to get some sleep, and there was another time he even complained to a ghost since he just got out of the shower and haven’t dressed yet. When asked about whether he has seen any when filming the MV for his album this time, he said, “I had to dance like hundred times everyday for this MV, got sick right after the filming, it was worse than seeing ghosts.”

Kim Hyun Joong will be participating in the event of “The Face Shop” this afternoon, taking photos with fans. He expressed his sorrow not being able to perform in Taiwan this time, and promised he will be back again for his Asian tour at the end of this year, or the beginning of next year the latest.


 Source: CNA + [email protected]