In the upcoming episode of KBS’s “Declaration of Freedom Saturday – Secret,” Kim Hyun Joong’s close friends will reveal the star’s split personality. During the recording, his friends, who co-operate his chicken restaurant, made a surprise visit to the studio and revealed stories about the star, making Kim Hyun Joong break out in a sweat. They talked about their trip to Jeju Island and how hurt they were when Kim Hyun Joong pretended he didn’t know them. 

According to his friends, they were at the airport on their way back from the trip when Kim Hyun Joong took out his sunglasses and coat, left his belongings with them, and ignored them as he walked away. Kim Hyun Joong appeared flustered at this unexpected “attack” from his friends, and other guests were surprised to hear this side of him as well. They shared others stories about their friendship with Kim Hyun Joong. 

This episode of KBS’s “Declaration of Freedom Saturday – Secret” will also star H.O.T.’s Tony An, Lee Soo Geun, Eun Ji Won, Narsha, Kim Jong Min, Nana, and others and will air tonight, July 16th, on KBS at 5:50PM KST.