On March 24, Kim Hyun Joong stood on the ending stage of “2012 Tokyo Girls Collection,” which was held in Shanghai, China. During the highlight of the show, Kim Hyun Joong took the crowd by storm with stunning live performances of “Do You Like That” and “Lucky Guy.” Fans from Japan, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong cheered for the star singer relentlessly throughout his stage, reflecting Kim Hyun Joong’s soaring popularity around the world.

“It was a stage that we could experience Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong’s explosive popularity. His powerful stage charisma and performance drove the crowd into a frenzy of pride and joy,” an event organizer said.

The “Tokyo Girls Collection” held its inaugural event in 2011 in Beijing, China. Its goal is to combine the music and fashion content of Korea, China, and Japan together for the development of a more comprehensive mix of Asian fashion culture.

You can watch Kim Hyun Joong’s ending performance at the “2012 Tokyo Girls Collection” below!