A report was released on March 12 that actor and singer Kim Hyun Joong is to enter military in three weeks.

In the report, an acquaintance told the interviewer, “Kim Hyun Joong was planning to enter military this year. After finishing up with everything on his schedule, he decided to enter the military on March 31.”

After the report was released, his agency denied that Kim Hyun Joong’s military entrance date  is set in stone, and said, “He did receive a draft notice, but because of the situation he’s in, he is also considering to delay the date. We haven’t talked about it with him yet.”

The agency also added, “Because of his current situation, we are planning to not announce the [date], whether it gets postponed or not. [He] wants to go as quietly as he can.”

Meanwhile, many other celebrities are also entering military on March, including Kim Jae Joong, Choi Jin Hyuk, Sungmin, and Shindong.

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