Currently Kim Hyun Joong is considering appearing in the upcoming drama titled “City Conquest.” A representative of a broadcasting studio stated, “Currently Kim Hyun Joong is considering the casting offer for ‘City Conquest’ in a positive light. If he accepts the offer, the production will begin right away.”

“City Conquest” is originally a Korean comic book that began in 1996 and has nearly 270 issues. (Korean comic books are longer than U.S. ones) The comic is about the main character “Back Mir” (Sounds a lot like back mirror) who fights against corruption.

The same representative stated, “Kim Hyun Joong’s break from acting has been a while so the odds that he will appear in the drama ‘City Conquest’ are high. Preparations for the drama have nearly gone on for a year, once casting for the main characters is confirmed, production will begin.”