On Monday, Kim Hyun Joong who is ambassador for THEFACESHOP, spent time visiting two of their outlets in Kuala Lumpur, one in Pavilion and another in Berjaya Times Square.

The first visit at the Pavilion outlet was scheduled for 10:30am, however, Kim Hyun Joong made an unannounced entrance 15 minutes early. Reporters and photographers were totally caught off-guard and couldn’t have quickly sprung into action if not for the screams of the fans. 

Kim Hyun Joong, TheFaceShop

Emcee: How are you feeling today?
A: Its my third day in Malaysia and its a very refreshing day and I’m really really happy about my fans being here today. 

Emcee: Do you want to say something to your fans who came here so early today to see you?
A: I guess you guys are tired because in order to come here to have this event together, but I’m really really happy, wish you have a very great day today.

Emcee: Are you girls tired actually?
Fans: No!

Emcee: No right? You are not tired at all. But they have something to say to Kim Hyun Joong. Are you girls ready?
Fans: Kim Hyun Joong! Malaysia loves you!

Kim Hyun Joong, TheFaceShop

Emcee: Kim Hyun Joong, Malaysia loves you! Alright now this is the second time you are here right? And actually THEFACESHOP is launching a new product, the BB Cream, how do you find the product of THEFACESHOP?
A: Well, I think that BB Cream is one of the best product for skin here, and there are many men who apply this cream also, and I have tried it too and really like it a lot and wish everyone can try it.

Emcee: Yeah everyone can see his skin is very nice so you should try it too. And later we are going to have an auction at 3:30pm in the afternoon. May I know how many products have you actually auctioned before? 
A: I have prepared a knee protector which I have used in Korea with the celebrities to play soccer, and I wish that by giving this to my fans, it would be a very far distance between Malaysia and Korea, I wish my memories would always stay in Malaysia. 

Emcee: Okay, so later we will find a lucky winner who can bid for the knee protector. Alright, and we have one more thing that fans can bid, which is the standee that he is going to autograph right now, so now we would like you to sign on the standee and the photo board. Maybe you can pose and face the media.

Kim Hyun Joong, TheFaceShop

Ten top spenders from THEFACESHOP won an opportunity to each take a solo photo with Kim Hyun Joong. After the photo-taking, Kim Hyun Joong walked around the shop and picked out some products to try and ended up buying some of them. Its bizarre to me why would a brand ambassador need to pay for products out of his own pocket de1b But I bet you must be curious which are the stuff he picked out? Here it is!

Kim Hyun Joong, TheFaceShop

Kim Hyun Joong, TheFaceShop

Emcee: Yesterday you have been to a Hi-5 session with your fans, so how do you feel after the Hi-5 session?
A: I have felt my fans are really warm-hearted by just having a Hi-5 session, the only way to repay my fans is to sing a live song and perform but unfortunately this time I was not ready for that so next time when I come to Malaysia which is next year, I would be having my Asia Tour concert so I would be performing live.

Emcee: You guys went to the Hi-5 yesterday? 

Emcee: Is it enough that you get from Kim Hyun Joong? 

Emcee: No right? So we will see him again at 3:30pm at the auction. Any last words to say to them?
A: There are two more events later so I will see you guys later on. Thank you for keeping the rules and not have any trouble or accidents, even though it was a short journey here in Malaysia, I think it will be a very memorable event.



Moving on to the second outlet visit at Berjaya Times Square where Kim Hyun Joong would also be having the fan meeting session in the boulevard, fans who secured best spots right in front of the store were so disappointed when THEFACESHOP staff told them the area was reserved for the media de41

Kim Hyun Joong, TheFaceShop

“Hello everyone, my name is Kim Hyun Joong, how are you guys doing? This is my last schedule in Malaysia, thank you for coming. I think I had a great journey and wish that I can meet you guys again.”

After the short greeting, Kim Hyun Joong went on to sign another set of standee and photo boards that would be auctioned to raise funds for the needy.

Kim Hyun Joong, TheFaceShop

TFS Staff: Have you taken your lunch?
A: I have had my lunch, I wonder if my fans had their lunch or not?

TFS Staff: So what kind of food do you like the most in Malaysia?
A: I like the Nasi Lemak very much, because its similar to our Korean bibimbap, so I’d enjoyed it very much.

TFS Staff: You have a lot of fans here today, are you happy?
I’m really thankful and grateful about my fans being here today so I would come back to Malaysia with a very charismatic concept next time.

TFS Staff: There are really a lot of fans over here, maybe we can have Kim Hyun Joong to have some words like telling them to be careful? 
A: Your safety is the first thing you have to beware about, so wish you guys do not push, and not to fall down for your own safety. 

TFS Staff: What kind of product do you like the most? 
A: I have been using this BB cream and likes it very much and wish my fans can try it too.

TFS Staff: What other product do you like the most other than the BB Cream?
A: I have been using many products from THEFACESHOP so I can’t really choose which product is the best. I like every kind of product from THEFACESHOP.

TFS Staff: So to all the fans, listen up, Kim Hyun Joong likes most of the products of THEFACESHOP so you can shop with us later on.
A: Well, this is my last schedule in Malaysia, I guess I would see you guys later on at the signing session, and I’m really grateful that all of you are here, I love Malaysia very much.

Wow, you must love Kim Hyun Joong so much to have read till here! More bonus photos?

Firstly, guess who did I spot among the crowd? 

Kim Hyun Joong, TheFaceShop

I hope the little girl managed to get a good view of Kim Hyun Joong oppa that day, and snapped some great shots too de42

And not forgetting, a droolicious Kim Hyun Joong ^^

Kim Hyun Joong, TheFaceShop

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Special thanks to THEFACESHOP Malaysia for inviting Soompi to cover the events.