At THEFACESHOP Asia Tour Press Conference in Singapore last Friday, the ambassador for the beauty care brand Kim Hyun Joong, flew into town to launch the FACEit Power Perfection BB Cream. This latest product from THEFACESHOP has hit more than a million unit in sales since its launch in Korea five months ago.

Kim Hyun Joong, TheFaceShop

After a welcome and opening speech by Mr Leslie Low, Director of THEFACESHOP Singapore and Ms Kelly Kwak, Overseas Marketing Leader of THEFACESHOP Korea, the emcee Ken of Radio1003 greeted Kim Hyun Joong. Nicknamed “Walking Statue”, Kim Hyun Joong managed a short and shy reply in ENGLISH!

Kim Hyun Joong, TheFaceShop

It was sad for Kim Hyun Joong, who was staying in a resort hotel, because he couldn’t go out to play with a day full of scheduled events. His staff was able to visit Universal Studios Singapore and brought him a souvenir T-shirt, while he could only enjoy a simple lunch near the beach.

Here’s an excerpt of the press conference.


During last year’s Asia Tour to Singapore, two autographed life-size standees of Kim Hyun Joong were auctioned off to raise funds for World Vision International. This time, Kim Hyun Joong prepared personal items for the charity auction. For Singapore, it was a limited edition Break Down album with the serial number of “85”. Only ten thousand copies were released while Kim Hyun Joong himself has reserved a hundred copies, leaving only 9,900 copies for fans to grab. The limited edition comes with a DVD with footage of his MV making and are serialized.

Q: The average Singaporean men are not used to using makeup like BB Cream, so how or what would you do to encourage them to use it?
 Even in Korea, it used to be in such a way that the men are not really used to using makeup products. Now, there is a shift in culture, so men are looking more into taking care of their own skin just like women. So I feel that Singaporean men can also take care of their skin by using THEFACESHOP products, especially the BB Cream.

Q: You have been busy with your Asia Tour so how do you keep yourself motivated when the work piles up and how do you relax at the end of the day?
 Even though I am running a busy schedule everyday, I try to enjoy my work to find the joy and happiness in my working life. And I also find joy in having good food, so when I’m here in Singapore I try to taste the local food to keep myself happy and good.

Emcee: I’m just curious, some people relax by singing in the bathroom, so do you sing when you are in the bathroom or do you practice dancing?
 It is my job to sing and dance onstage so when it is my own time to relax, I prefer not to sing or dance but to do something else.

Q: If you do have free time to go to Universal Studio Singapore, who would you like to bring, for fun, because its for recreation?
 If I get to go to Universal Studios Singapore, I wish to bring my staff along with me and have a good time.

Q: If you could create a beauty product, what would it be and why?
 If I could create a beauty product, it would be more to cater to people with busy lifestyle so it would be something like a mask which if you put on, it can give you a full makeup instantly.

Emcee: Wow, is that what you are wishing for? To have a mask that can full makeup.
A: It is to save time mostly and I’m expecting such a product would be produced 50 years’ time.

Q: What are your top three favorite THEFACESHOP products?
A: My top three favorite products would be the Power Perfection BB Cream as well as the essence and the hydrating mask pack.

Q: For Breakdown, you have a manly and masculine image so was it tough trying to achieve this image and how do you go about doing it?
 I did lots of exercise to prepare myself for the mini-album image so it was tough but I’m glad with the results. Another album will be released in October so please look out for it as well and continue to give your support.

Emcee: What is the toughest part preparing for this album, other than preparing for the image?
 The hardest part was I felt very pressured and stressed because I had to do most of the preparations alone, as a solo artist. But I overcame this when I saw how the fans supported me and how they like my album and music.

Q: Can you give us some hint about your new album concept and the genre of the music?
 I can’t release much information but it will be more on funky music where everyone can dance to and the concept will be very different from my previous mini-album.

Q: You have your own album and acted before so what do you hope to achieve in this year? Maybe you would like to try something new, other than acting, singing and dancing?
 I feel that in terms of acting and singing, I still have much more to learn and a long way to go. Before I try something new, I would like to excel in these two areas first before trying something new.

Emcee: So how would you describe the relationship between your music and THEFACESHOP? How would you put that together?
 I feel that both THEFACESHOP products and my music make me standout and is something that I can express myself through.

There have been many questions among fans about why there weren’t any showcase performance during this Asia Tour. It was revealed that Kim Hyun Joong is planning for a concert tour earlier next year, its no wonder that he’s saving the best until then. Henecians and Triple S, let’s start saving up for the ticket!

Thanks to THEFACESHOP Singapore for the invitation. Special Thanks: Resorts World Sentosa, Launch Group