Kim Hyun Joong was seen swimming naked in Bali, his personal trainer said on a recent TV show. On the July 9th episode of KBS “Declaration of Freedom Saturday—Secret,” Kim Hyun Joong’s personal trainer said, “Because of his perfect body line, Kim Hyun Joong tends to expose himself a lot. We had a chance to go to Bali together for a photo spread, and he exposed his hips in the swimming pool.”

“We were swimming together in Bali. Kim Hyun Joong was doing something underwater, and then a little later, his hips popped up out of the water…Hyun Joong do you still do that kind of stuff? I was really embarrassed that day,” the trainer added, giving everyone a good laugh.

Kim Hyun Joong, looking a bit surprised at the revelation, said in response, “I enjoy unexpected behavior. In Korea, I can’t do certain stuff because of the people that notice me. But in Bali, I could do whatever I want. In order to leave a good memory, I did something completely unexpected by taking off my swimming suit.”

In fact, Kim Hyun Joong’s propensity to expose his body in public was again seen during last week’s “2011 Mnet 20’s Choice Awards” when he took off his shirt during the performance of “Break Down.” Will this become a repertoire in all of his live performances moving forward? At least it sounds like he enjoys it!