During a recent interview with Sports Seoul, Kim So Hyun spoke up about her stance as an actress without real-life dating experience.


Kim So Hyun, who is already a well-known actress at just 21 years old in Korean age, is famous for having no real-life dating experience.


When she was asked if it was difficult to act in romance projects as a result, she replied, “Since I have no dating experience, I have a hard time understanding romance, so when there are breakups or heavy feelings involved in what I’m working on, I often feel overwhelmed.


Kim So Hyun continued, “For that reason, I do my best to feel real emotions when I act. At times, I get so into it that I feel like I actually love my on-screen love interest.


She explained, “I feel like I don’t seem convincing if I try to act it out, so I try my best to have sincere feelings.

Following her Netflix drama, Love Alarm, Kim So Hyun is immediately preparing for another romance drama, The Tale of Nokdu, which is set to air at the end of this month on KBS.