Kim Hyung Joon successfully finished his Japanese concert tour series by gathering approximately 10,000 fans total. According to his agency, he started “Kim Hyung Joon 2012 2nd Story in Japan”  in Tokyo on August 3 and have visited JEFF performing arena all over Japan including Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, and so on.

This is the second time for Kim Hung Joon conduct a nation-wide concert tour in Japan, following his first tour series in March. During “Kim Hyung Joon 2012 2nd Story in Japan,” Kim Hyung Joon visited six different regions and performed total of nine shows. At the concerts, he presented the stages of “Sorry I’m Sorry” from the most recent album “ESCAPE” and various original soundtrack songs from TV dramas “Glowing She” and “I Love You” he’s participated in. Fans seem to thoroughly enjoy masculine and yet sensitive charms of Kim Hyung Joon.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Joon also explored with different venues other than the concert tour to communicate with his fans during his stay in Japan. He appeared in some major TV programs, conducted interviews, and hosted autograph signing events and “High-tough” events to communicate with fans as much as possible.