On July 6th, the baby member of SS501 was busy tweeting friends, a photo, his promo for the 2018 Pyeongchang’s Winter Olympics, and his very own international website! Yes, you heard right! The singer, who signed with Avex Japan just months ago, officially tweeted the link to his page on the Avex website. Check out the English excerpt of his retweet from Avex News below:

“RT @avexnews: Kim Hyung Jun avex Official Website….http://dlvr.it/Z80xM” 

After clicking the link via twitter, you discover that Kim Hyung Jun has set a date for his Japanese single entitled “Long Night” to be released on July 27th. His current site is filled with a short biography, a list of his current projects for sale (in addition to the pre sale of “Long Night”), his media links, and other goodies.

Check out his new website here

Credit: @HyungJun87