SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun had a “Summer Festival” Japanese tour concert in August 2011. This year Kim Hyung Jun will leave for Japan on March 28 for his next Japanese exclusive tour concert. This tour is titled “KIMHYUNGJUN 2012 1st Story in Japan.”

The Japanese tour will begin on March 29 and end on April 7. The tour will go through cities such as Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo. It will have about 6 concerts and nearly 8,000 fans will meet Kim Hyung Jun. Kim Hyung Jun also plans to promote his drama “Glowing She” which is currently broadcast on Japan KNTV. Kim Hyung Jun will sing the “Glowing She” OST song “Sweet, Everyday” during his concerts.

The concert will feature Kim Hyung Joon’s behind daily story and also his bucket list. The concerts will show other sides of Kim Hyung Joon besides his singer and actor image.