Kim Jae Won is optimistic about the ratings of the new drama “May Queen,” set to premiere on MBC on August 18. According to reports in local news agencies, the actor is confident that “May Queen” will not go below 15% of ratings for audience share.

Reports quoted Kim Jae Won as saying, “I have a good luck with MBC dramas. When I’m in an MBC drama, the viewership does not go below 15%, so for ‘May Queen,’ I can guarantee at least a 15% rating.”

Kim Jae Won was present at the prayer ceremony recently held for the drama at the MBC Drama Center in Ilsan. Along with him, other cast members Lee Deok Hwa, Yang Mi Kyung, Lee Hoon, Kim Yoo Jung and Park Ji Bin, as well as writer Song Young Mok, director Baek Ho Min and production staff were also in attendance.

Lee Deok Hwa added, “In these ceremonies, we pray to hit the jackpot and be successful, but the real success is how far we will go. I hope until the last episode, there will be no untoward incidents and we will work hard.”

“May Queen” also stars Jae Hee and Han Ji Hye. It is scheduled to take the spot of the currently airing “Dr. Jin.”