Actor Kim Jae Won has suspended all activities due to his prolonging shoulder injury. On March 20, his agency told OSEN, “Kim Jae Won aggravated his shoulder injury during his dance practice held prior to his fan meeting in Japan, scheduled for March 24 and 31. He saw his doctor on March 19 and it’s urgent for him to go through physical therapy as soon as possible. Therefore, we have no choice but to delay the fan meetings. We are very sorry to our fans that have waited for so long.”

Kim Jae Won, in fact, has been suffering from his shoulder injury for quite a while now. Last October, he was supposed to join the cast of MBC “I’m a Flower, Too.” But after sustaining a shoulder injury while filming a motorcycle scene, Kim Jae Won was forced to leave the cast, as the injury was found to be more serious than he initially thought.

“While practicing for the dances at his upcoming fan meeting, Kim Jae Won aggravated his shoulder injury. He’s feeling extreme pain, so he’ll begin receiving therapy from today. As soon as he gets better, we’ll reschedule the fan meeting. But it’s hard to tell when exactly he will start working at this point,” his representative said.

Kim Jae Won had a fan meeting for over 1,000 fans in Yokohama, Japan, on March 24. He was also supposed to meet his Korean fans on March 31. Hope he gets better soon!