Actor Kim Ji Hoon has denied the dating rumors linking him to SBS CNBC announcer Yoon Ho Yeon.

On February 15, one Korean media outlet reported that Kim Ji Hoon and Yoon Ho Yeon had spent the Lunar New Year holidays together on Jeju Island. The media outlet said that they had both been spotted on a plane to Jeju Island and had been seen visiting a museum on Jeju Island together on the Lunar New Year. The actor and announcer also uploaded similar photos on their social media accounts around the same time.

Kim Ji Hoon’s agency, Big Picture Entertainment, released a statement that said, “We have checked with Kim Ji Hoon himself and he and announcer Yoon Ho Yeon are just friends. They are not dating. They happened to have overlapping schedules and met on Jeju Island. They did go to the museum together, but there were other people with them. They were the ones that drew attention because of their celebrity status.”

Kim Ji Hoon is currently appearing in the drama “Tower of Babel.”

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