It was like a reunion of sorts between “R&B Siblings” Kim Jo Han and Park Jung Hyun, as they teamed up for a photoshoot for the September edition of Elle Korea.

Although they don’t talk to each other much during the MBC program “I am a Singer,” Kim Jo Han has been friends with Park Jung Hyun for over 13 years. Both were born in the U.S. and have said earlier that they are each other’s fans. During the photoshoot, they sang together in perfect harmony at the studio, like one of their best performances in “I am a Singer.”

A spokesman from Elle Korea said, “During their interview, every time Kim Jo Han starts expressing himself in English, the way Park Jung Hyun tries to immediately correct and explain what he’s saying, they look like siblings that way.”

The theme of this photoshoot was ‘Music of My Life’, and portrays musicians who met because of music. Another group of musicians featured were Tiger JK with his close friends, Jung In and Bizzy. The three were fans of each other and did collaborations way before they became colleagues in the same agency (Jungle Entertainment).

According to Elle Korea, the concept of their photoshoot was ‘Mentor and Mentee’. The spokesman added, “During the shoot, Tiger JK has exceptional model qualities – even if he did nothing, his poses received much praise.”

The other groups of “musician-friends” in this photoshoot include electro rock band The Koxx with trio Aziatix, as well as Indie singers The Black Skirts and Seoulight.