On the latest episode of “My Ugly Duckling,” Kim Jong Kook talked about the current cast of “Running Man” and revealed which member is closest to his ideal type.

During the April 29 broadcast of the SBS reality show, Kim Jong Kook hung out with several of his friends, who asked him about the female cast members of “Running Man.” When Shorry specifically mentioned singer Hong Jin Young, who is currently appearing as a long-term guest on the variety show, Kim Jong Kook spoke highly of her, saying, “Jin Young is great. She’s smart, and I’ve heard that she’s well-educated.”

Kim Jong Kook’s manager asked, “Do you like the type of women who have a lot of aegyo, like Hong Jin Young?” The singer replied, “It’d be nice [for my girlfriend] to have a lot of aegyo, since I don’t.” He added with a laugh, “Jin Young might be a little excessive, though.”

When asked about his dating rumors with longtime “Running Man” co-star Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jong Kook firmly denied any romantic involvement. “That kind of thing shouldn’t happen between family members,” he said, referring to the actress as family.

His friends then asked him to pick his ideal type out of the women currently appearing on the show: Kang Han Na, Lee Da Hee, Song Ji Hyo, Hong Jin Young, and Jun So Min. Without much hesitation, Kim Jong Kook answered, “Hong Jin Young.”

As his friends excitedly whooped and pressured him to call her, Kim Jong Kook explained, “When you look at her personality or at anything else, she’s great, isn’t she?”

Kim Jong Kook’s friends continued to tease him, and Shorry asked if the two singers contacted one another. Kim Jong Kook replied, “I do have her contact information, but we don’t contact each other personally [outside of the show].”

Meanwhile, at the “My Ugly Duckling” studio, Hong Jin Young happened to be the special MC of that day’s episode. Host Seo Jang Hoon asked her to make a phone call to the “My Ugly Duckling” bachelor who came closest to her ideal type, and Hong Jin Young selected Kim Jong Kook.

Delighted by her choice, Kim Jong Kook’s mother happily told her son during the phone call, “Your mom likes Jin Young too!”

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