Running Man” stars Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo are confirmed to be special guests on a Chinese variety program and will be flying to Turkey to film it at the end of this month.

The Chinese show is called “Amazing Race” where a team of two goes to the assigned city to complete missions. An affiliate of the show stated, “The production crew worked hard to reach out to them. With China’s top stars usually appearing on the show, Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo will be the special guests.”

The CEO of Ready China, a representative Chinese-based agency, stated, “The hallyu boom caused by dramas is transferring over to variety shows, and the two rising stars that represent it is Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo. In China, the popularity of these two is comparable to that of Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun. There are so many shows giving love calls for them.”

Meanwhile, after Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo film “Amazing Race” in Turkey, they will immediately fly over to Hong Kong to join the rest of the “Running Man” cast in their fanmeeting with around 6,000 fans.

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