Kim Jong Kook has a legion of fans in China, many of whom came to know him due to the popularity of “Running Man” in the country. He’s so popular that his Beijing solo concert in February sold out in less than two hours.

But he’s now being recognized for his acting abilities as well because of his role in the hit drama “Producer.” According to a source from “Producer,” Kim Soo Hyun may be an integral part of the show’s popularity in China, but a considerable number of its viewers in the country are fans of Kim Jong Kook.

Kim Jong Kook’s evident acting skills and the local interest in the star have made some Chinese producers eager to cast him in their upcoming projects. According to reports, Kim Jong Kook has been receiving offers to appear in Chinese dramas in a variety of roles from cameos to supporting characters.

Kim Jong Kook’s agency says, “As ‘Running Man’ and ‘Producer’ gain popularity in China, representatives from local dramas have been showing a lot of interest in Kim Jong Kook.”

They add, “He’s still a beginner at acting, but he’s open to the possibility of appearing in something if there is a good character like in ‘Producer.’”

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