Kim Jong Kook revealed that there was a woman he wanted to get married to on an episode of My Little Old Boy. On his way to a short trip with his friends, Kim Jong Kook recollected his past relationships as they listened to one of his ballad songs in the car.

Then he shared how he usually overcame a breakup. His go-to activity after a bad breakup was, unsurprisingly, working out.

I think I always worked out after a breakup.

ㅡ Kim Jong Kook

He then shared one instance when he broke up with his girlfriend in the middle of the night. He apparently turned some music on and vigorously started climbing the stairs.

After breaking up in the middle of the night, I was preparing an album at the time, so I put on my ear phones and started climbing the stairs really hard.

ㅡ Kim Jong Kook

He then confessed that there was a woman he wanted to marry and explained the reason why he wanted to marry her.

What I thought with the woman I wanted to get married to was that…I thought if I married this woman, I would have tears in my eyes. I thought I would be really moved.

ㅡ Kim Jong Kook

He continued to state that he has never felt the same way with any other person since.

Since then, no matter who I imagine (my future) with, I wonder if I’ll be moved in that way if we get married. There was no one (since her).

ㅡ Kim Jong Kook

He concluded by saying to himself, “I’ll meet a great person.”

With such a warm and charming personality (and visuals), Kim Jong Kook will most definitely meet the perfect partner for him sooner or later! Watch the full video clip below: