Singer Kim Jong Kook visited Hong Kong without a mask, and was asked about it by local media.

Kim Jong Kook touched down in Hong Kong on June 6 for the “2015 Hong Kong Youth Music Festival” and greeted the local fans. On June 7, a Chinese media outlet reported that he wasn’t wearing a mask despite the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) scare.

Later, he was asked about why he did not wear a mask during an interview. He replied, “A lot of people came out to see me, and (if I wear a mask) they won’t be able to properly see my face, so I didn’t wear it.” When asked more about the situation of MERS in Korea, he added, “I heard that if you have good immune function, you can fight it off. Everyone is being careful.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Kook and girl group T-ara participated in “2015 Hong Kong Youth Music Festival” on June 6. It was relayed that he put on a beautiful stage, singing “Today More Than Yesterday,” “Loveable,” and “One Man.”

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