Kim Joo Hyuk and Kim Gyu Ri have ended their one year relationship, according to Sports Korea.

The two met on the set of MBC’s “God of War” last June when they started dating. A representative said, “As time goes on, some relationships naturally fade away. Like seniors and junior actors, they will continue to support each other.”

Kim Joo Hyuk and Kim Gyu Ri were a very close couple who were even considering marriage at one point. They played on screen lovers for “God of War,” and soon became an off screen couple as well. They were also very open about admitting the relationship.

After the end of “God of War,” Kim Joo Hyuk began filming for MBC’s “Gu Am Heo Joon.” At this time, due to their busy schedules, the two were not able to see each other often. After going through a difficult time after the breakup, Kim Gyu Ri was cast for the MBC drama “Scandal.”

The representative also said, “They are currently immersing themselves into their work to overcome this hard time. The people who supported their relationship are very sad about this as well.”